Monday, 26 March 2012

It's getting closer ...

Still more artists to tell you about today, here are another group of wonderful artists and creatives who will be at the festival (6th and 7th May, 12 noon till 5pm):

Rachel Warren
Rachel simply enjoys the process of making things – working with traditional tools and materials.  She has always loved jewellery and now spends her time, out in her workshop, combining metals, glass and polymer clay into customised beads and bespoke jewellery.
She tends to work within a fairly limited colour palette – mostly in the cool part of the spectrum, blues, greens and purples, all of which perfectly complement her preferred metal, silver.
She is fascinated by folklore, myths and legends, talismans and amulets, and has an obsession with water, be it the powerful crashing waves and life of the ocean, or the silent stillness of frost and snow.

She will be demonstrating some of her techniques for you.
Wonderful beads from Rachel Warren, reminding me of beach finds ...
Mel Anderson
With information this time ...
Mel produces bright and vibrant, hand felted textile art work, homeware, jewellery and cards, 
using bold, iconic images, tactile fibres, natural and manmade. Incorporating vintage and dress jewellery, beaded embellishment and other interesting treasures. Commissions welcome. 

Bold felted designs from Mel Anderson
Christine Grey 
I am a Mother, a Partner and an Artist, living and working in Derbyshire. I enjoy exploring my creativity through different mediums. My creative output is usually matched by the appropriate medium at that time, whether this is a photograph, a mixed media painting, a mosaic or a textile piece depends on the what needs to be created.
Bright, bold colours and surfaces by Christine Grey
Jessica Noutch
Jessica says:
 I love trying to capture the movements and features of passers-by, celebrating their unique and sometimes surprising shapes.  I hope my drawings express the inherent value of each person who appears in them. The best ones are elegantly fluid but also gently humorous.
Jessica will be an 'itinerant artist' during the festival, recording the event with her  sketches which will be shown at The Beetroot Tree as an exhibition later.

Buskers by Jessica Noutch

Gail McGregor
Gail, an art therapist, presents 'Don't stand at my grave and weep' which is a series of works based around coming to terms with the death of her mother.
 She is showing an installation  which is based around the burial customs where a body is dressed in fancy, favorite or ceremonial clothes. Personal objects, such as a favorite pieces of jewelry or photograph, of the deceased may be included with the body.  
For Gail the process of collecting grave goods was cathartic, she will be with the work to discuss the culture of 'Grave Goods' and to talk if you have stories to share.  

Detail from 'Don't Stand at my Grave and Weep' by Gail McGregor
We also welcome back Kathy who sells her homegrown plants, Honeycombe will be present to talk to creatives who want to learn and network, and I will tell you more about our special Childrens activity and treasure trail very soon ...

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