Saturday, 3 March 2012

More artists booking in to the Draycott Festival

Another group of artists have been confirmed for your visit 
to the Draycott Festival of Arts and Gardens (6 and 7 May 2012).
You can see:

Karen Cursham - Pretty and wearable silver jewellery

Karen Victoria Jewellery

Clare Walker -Figurative Drawings
Clare is mainly interested in the human form and works mainly in pencil, pen and pastels. She works from life and from photographs. She is happy to accept commissions.

Clare Walker

Clare Walker
Mel Anderson -Textiles
Sorry, no further information about Mel just yet - keep watching!

Mel Anderson

Stuart Hill - Paintings
Stuart is not only one of my teenage children's favorite authors (I had a good read of them too!)
having written three books: The Cry of the Icemark, Blade of Fire, and Last Battle of the Icemark, he is also a painter using acrylic and mixed media which draw on world mythology and nature for inspiration. The colours are often bright, the format uncluttered and precise. He says that he favours a figurative style which enables his work to reach a larger audience.

Stuart Hill -'Almost Still Life, Mice with Nautilus Shell'
News (added 5th April) - Stuart has been so sucessful selling his paintings before the festivla that he has nothing to show! Which means, sadly, that he has withdrawn from the Festival for 2012. Sorry.

And, Stevie has sent a picture for you. She will be creating outdoor glass and wire structures around the trail - here is a sneak preview:

Stevie's 'Pansy Panels'

I'll be back soon with more entrants. Keep fingers crossed for good weather, but remember, we are prepared for anything -no excuses!

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